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To allow us to carry out our re-roofing project on St Laurence O’Toole’s Church, Belleeks we are inviting Parishioners and diaspora (People originally from the Parish) and of course anyone who wishes to support this project to purchase a slate or slates. When purchasing a slate(s) on our site we ask you to include in the “comment section” the name(s) you wish to dedicate your slate for.
Perhaps families would consider purchasing a slate for their young children or purchasing a slate in memory of loved ones who have died and previously would have worshipped at St Laurence O’Toole’s Church.

Names of all these people will be listed on our dedicated Roof Dedications page which can be found here.

This image shows one of the main roof joists, as can be seen from this image there is significant decay which is the reason we need your support to help us carry out these essential repair works!

To donate to the St Laurence O’Toole’s Donate a Slate Campaign please click here.

Darkness into Light – Window restoration program!

The above is an example of the original windows that were first placed in St Malachy’s Church when it was built in 1844. When we consider this was during much harsher times in our history, it is now our time to preserve these beautiful Stained Glass Windows for generations to come.

To complete these works on the windows, as well as Paint the Church and other minor works, we are asking once again for your support.

The overall costs of the repair and restoration works of the windows is estimated to cost £65,000.00.
We would welcome donations towards the cost of these.

Donations can be made by using the envelopes at the back of the Churches or by donating online here.

This image shows the extend of the damage to the main window beams on St Malachy’s Church and shows why they need to be restored urgently. Any help towards the cost of restoration would be greatly appreciated.

St Teresa’s – Preserving our Heritage – Renovation Project.

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

To allow us to carry out our restoration project on St Teresa’s Church, Tullyherron we are inviting Parishioners and diaspora (People originally from the Parish) and of course anyone who wishes to support this project to sponsor the refurbishment of Church items.
Parishioner can contact the Parish to make a donation for the various items listed here. These items can be dedicated to a deceased loved one or perhaps simply listed as dedicated to your family as a whole. Please click here to see items which have already been dedicated, you will also see items we are still seeking support in covering the cost of.

Donations to this campaign can be viewed here.